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The Incident trilogy - Book 3

Winter of Darkness

Their daughter has disappeared. There is a massive blackout that  affects vehicles, telephones and power. Food is becoming scarce and winter is fast approaching. 

In northern Canada, a family struggles to survive in a new post-apocalyptic reality. They are thrust back to a world of darkness and limited mobility. How do we manage without modern communications and the conveniences we have become so used to? 

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Book 2 - "What Happened to Tara". After the world is changed by a massive incident, Tara runs away to be with the boy she loves. Where does she go when she realizes what a mistake she has made?




I enjoyed the author's book very much. Because of my age I can relate to what it is like when you do not have electricity and also to numerous other situations in the book. Kind of a flash from my past. Looking forward to the author's next book. - A HAPPY READER

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful, scary, brilliant story. I held on to every word and was finished in four hours. - TALLY


They Called it THE INCIDENT

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Tony and Irma live a peaceful life in Northern Canada. Summer days are long and relaxing. Until everything changes in an instant and they are forced to confront life as it was a hundred years ago.


🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 REVIEW (5 Stars on Amazon) What an amazing first novel. The plot is solid and the characters well developed and clearly identifiable. And the story itself is more than just plausible; "The Incident" is truly possible. The reason for the above headline is that I spent two nights reading into the early hours of the morning, not willing to put it down - so thank you! - LAINI

What Happens When the World Stops