"She was our TV"

My story telling career continued from that first "book".  As an avid reader myself, I was eager to share the stories with my four younger siblings.  Alas, they did not share my passion for reading.  However they did like to hear stories.  Remember..no TV, and the radio shows ended at seven.  So we would lay in bed and I would spin tales.  They were serials, often being spread out over days or weeks. 

Sometimes I would take a story I had read and embellish it.  Sometimes it was straight from my own head. The names were changed to fit the audience and I would quiz them to make sure they remembered the previous night.  Sometimes I had to go back and repeat because they had fallen asleep before I finished talking, or before Mom called for us to 'get to sleep'. 

Years later, I heard my brother telling someone that I was their TV.  I treasure that.